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Second Avenue Partners is a Seattle-based provider of management, strategy, and capital for early stage companies in the Greater Puget Sound area. The firm looks to invest in promising teams and transformational ideas in a wide range of areas including internet, consumer and social media, software, and clean energy, but is open to a wider range of ideas. Our investment approach is to make early-stage investments in promising ventures and build long-term relationships, actively assisting its portfolio companies in becoming market leaders.


The firm seeks strong entrepreneurial teams; innovative concepts with market-disruptive opportunities; and models that take advantage of cutting-edge technologies. We also bring a new attitude towards investing which includes a mentoring relationship with portfolio companies.


Second Avenue Partners was formed in February of 2000. The company is led by its founding partners: Nick Hanauer, Pete Higgins and Mike Slade. Our fourth founder, Keith Grinstein, sadly passed away on September 28, 2008. Keith was instrumental in bringing the four of us together, an integral part of our partnership, a dear friend, and constant source of laughter. The office is quieter and we miss him. 


Second Avenue Partners has funded companies such as Market Leader (NASDAQ: LEDR); acquired by Trulia, In Situ; acquired by Boeing, Azaleos; acquired by Avanade, Newsvine; acquired by, Fan Nation; acquired by Sports Illustrated, Knock acquired by Real Page, Seeq Corp, Real Self,, Modumetal Inc., Tree Ring, Flexe, FitOn, Iota Software, Uplevel, Iunu, and Footprint US.  

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