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"We tend to bet on a great team of people doing something that is an order of magnitude cheaper and in many ways better than what is currently being done."

Nick Hanauer is a co-founder and partner in Seattle-based venture capital firm, Second Avenue Partners. Second Avenue provides management, strategy, and capital for early stage companies.



Pete Higgins is a founding partner of Second Avenue Partners, one of Seattle’s most experienced teams providing management, strategy and capital to early-stage companies.

Mike Slade began his career at Microsoft in 1983 and spent seven years there in a variety of product marketing roles. Products he introduced to the market at Microsoft include Excel (1985), Works (1987), and Microsoft Office (1989). He served as director of corporate marketing in Microsoft's systems software division before leaving in late 1990. He formerly served on the boards of two public companies; Metricom, Inc (1994-96); and The CKS Group (1996-98).

Keith Grinstein  the fourth Second Avenue founder - passed unexpectedly on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008 at age 48. We share some thoughts from friends and journalists here but it will always be difficult to share the full extent of Keith's contributions and memories he's left us with.

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