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Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing Data.

Your Go-To Advisor for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures.

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Leading provider of data visualization that connects people, assets, and manufacturing processes.


Your partner in autonomous growing, groundbreaking solutions harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and data to power your business.


Provides flexible and easy access to warehouse space and services when and where needed. Connecting organizations that need warehousing space to organizations with extra space.

Modumetal technology and materials make your projects stronger, safer, and more sustainable.

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Leading digital wellness platform that offers the most premium content, the widest variety, and unique social experiences. No equipment needed— unlimited access on any screen.


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Transform your unstructured developer tool data into dynamic, actionable metrics. Confidently track your software development progress, allocate resources, and meet your commitments.

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Footprint is a materials science company working to create a healthier planet. 


Easy-to-use software and expert customer support you can design a yearbook your school will love.


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(Acquired by Real Page) Knoxk helps property management and ownership groups gain control over their business levers and drive higher NOI than any other CRM in multifamily.

(Acquired by Trulia) Market Leader (Formerly known as HouseValues) is the Web’s leading destination for finding the value of homes and real estate throughout the United States. Since 1999, Market Leader has helped more than one million homeowners nationwide understand the current market value of their home.

(Acquired by Real Self) Inkd is the world's first user-generated marketplace to buy and sell professional graphic designs for business. Designers upload brochures, note-cards, business cards, letterhead and more while businesses can download and customize high quality creative for thousands less than developing a design concept from scratch. The files are fully editable as if you created them from scratch. 

(Acquired by Avanade) Azaleos is an Issaquah, WA based messaging company working in stealth mode. Azaleos will deliver solutions that make messaging simple.

(Acquired by Boeing) The Insitu Group is a pioneer developer of long-range unmanned aircraft. Dr. Tad McGeer founded Insitu in 1992 to develop the Aerosonde miniature aircraft for offshore weather reconnaissance. Insitu led the engineering effort from initial concept through, by mid-1999, about 1000 flight-hours of field trials around the world.

(Acquired by Sports Illustrated) Founded in 2006 by a small team of former employees and other Internet veterans, their mission is to create the world’s largest fantasy sports community and a place where all sports fans can trade opinions and gather information. A web destination that aggregates, filters, and customizes all the relevant player and team content available at any time on the Internet. Instead of searching endlessly for the sports news you want finds it for you and delivers it to one place. You get the news faster and fantasy Fans gain a distinct advantage.

(Acquired by Newsvine is a community-powered, collaborative journalism news website which draws content from its users and syndicated content from mainstream sources such as The Associated Press.

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